Part oneFind the cost to park for a day and the hourly rate to rent a paddleboat.​

Accepted Solution

Answer:Total cost for a day=246 dollarsHourly rate=10 dollarsStep-by-step explanation:Let the Total cost be a function of 't' (time),i.e. total cost=R(t)let R(t)=at+b where a and b are some constants belonging to real numbersNow substitute t=1 in above equationR(1)=a+b⇒16=a+bsubstitute t=2,R(2)=2a+b⇒26=2a+bNow solving a+b=16 and 2a+b=26,we get a=10 dollars/hour and b=6 dollarsTherefore the cost function is, R(t)=10t+6where 10 dollars/hour is the hourly rate and 6 dollars is the base charge.To get the Total charge for one day substitute t=24 in R(t)⇒R(24)=10*24+6=246 dollars